Customer Data

One place to track and use
 customer data from every channel.

A screenshot of a person's activity in Drip showing various tags that have been applied to them.

Understand people at a glance.


Get a fuller understanding of every person across your site and marketing channels with sweet and simple Tags. Not only do these handy labels help you quickly see how people interact with your brand, but they also provide an intuitive way of segmenting your people when it comes time to tailor your messaging.

A screenshot of a person's activity in Drip showing custom fields that are set and can be used to personalize emails and trigger automations.

Get every last detail spot-on for everyone.

Custom Fields

Every person to cross your store’s path has information unique to them that you can use to build stronger relationships in your marketing. Custom Fields add all the extra personalized details to your emails that make your brand hit home with your customers and stand out in the crowd of competitors.

A screenshot of a person's timeline in Drip showing various events that they hae performed, including website activity and purchases.

Track every visit, click, and cha-ching.

Events & Customer Behavior

Get a deeper look into when and how often your customers are up to something. Tracking Events in Drip lets you understand all the times someone takes a peek at their favorite product, when they make a purchase, and more so you can personalize experiences based on real-life behaviors and engagement.

An illustration showcasing many of the tools that integrate with Drip, including leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Centralize the entire customer journey.


Unite data points from all your tools in one organized hub where they’ll always be at-the-ready for use in your next big strategy. When you plug all your ecommerce marketing tools into Drip, you’ll finally understand what each customer is doing from the start of their journey through the checkout lane and back again.

See how Drip will transform your online store.