Make strategic decisions with confidence.

A screenshot of the revenue dashboard in Drip reporting how many purchases were attributed to emails sent from Drip.

Put a finger on your biggest money-makers.

Automatic Revenue Attribution

Connect your store to Drip and start getting the clarity you want around which strategies are paying off and which need a tweak or two. Drip’s one-time setup makes it simple to start collecting all the revenue attribution data you need in one place for confident decision-making for the long haul.

A collage image of various other dashboards in Drip showing metrics like engagement, unsubscribes, and revenue.

Analyze what matters with clear data dashboards.


Never waste time piecing together disparate data points again. With Drip’s dashboards, you will be able to see your must-have engagement metrics (opens, clicks, and unsubscribes) alongside overall revenue, revenue per subscriber, and more for every email you send or workflow you make.

A screenshot of a Drip Automated Workflow with a split test running to optimize the buyer journey.

Test which experiences have the biggest impact.

Workflow Split Testing

Have a spot-on understanding of the types of experiences that have the biggest impact with your customers. Curious if shoppers respond better to getting an email or seeing an ad? Build split tests inside of automated workflows, then watch which experience garners more revenue, site visits, and more.

See how Drip will transform your online store.