Using Integrately, you can easily connect Drip with more apps in just a few clicks thus automating your sales and/or eCommerce funnel. Integrately's automation store has over 230K+ ready to use workflows. You just have to choose and activate your workflow. Integrately provides an easy to use, simple UI which helps you in creating your workflows in just a few minutes and help you in maximizing your productivity. 

To integrate Drip with other apps you just have to choose Drip and any other app. You'll find ready to use workflows which you can just activate/choose in a click. In case there are no ready made use cases then users can create custom use cases from the triggers and actions given. After which the users can add their app accounts  (for Drip users just have to sign in using their Drip credentials), map the fields and click on Test and Activate to automate the flow.

Key Features

  • Create Drip subscribers from Facebook Leads, Typeform, Gravity Forms, etc.
  • Create deals and opportunities in CRM from Drip subscribers.
  • Create Drip subscribers from WooCommerce purchases and subscriptions.
  • Add subscribers to the Drip campaign based on activities in other apps.
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