Drive more customer retention, more repeat purchases, and acquire customers faster with Drip + LoyaltyLion.

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform that powers ecommerce growth through loyalty points and rewards. Connect LoyaltyLion with Drip to use loyalty data to personalize your email & SMS marketing campaigns.

Proven to increase retention and spend, LoyaltyLion is trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide.

Why Drip + LoyaltyLion?

Use your LoyaltyLion data to better segment your customers.
Drive better engagement when you send targeted, personalized messages. Want to thank your most loyal customers? Send them a follow-up email or SMS when they reach a certain point threshold as a reward for their loyalty.

Increase customer retention by sending behavior-based automated emails.
Trigger automated emails based on LoyaltyLion actions like leveling up tiers, your customer's birthday, or on their loyalty program anniversary date. Notify customers when they level up a tier, and drive them to your store to redeem their reward.

Get more referrals and acquire more valuable customers.
Customers acquired through referrals spend much more than those acquired via other channels. Send a welcome email to new loyalty members through Drip right away—and encourage more referrals.

Key Features

  • Create customer segments based on their loyalty program anniversary date, birthday, points earned, or loyalty tier.
  • Trigger behavior-based workflows based on loyalty actions and events.
  • Use loyalty data to personalize emails and texts in Drip.
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