Recart is built by ecommerce merchants to help you increase sales with Facebook Messenger Marketing. It makes it easy to grow your Messenger audience by providing tools to convert your visitors into subscribers with 5-14% conversion rate. Recart offers the largest selection of automated campaigns for Messenger: You can send Abandoned Cart Reminders, Product Review Requests, Order Receipts, Shipping Notifications, Welcome Message and more. You can also create engaging Sponsored Messages and Click-to-Messenger Ads. Increase your revenue by engaging customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger. Recart can also capture the email address and phone numbers of your Messenger subscribers, and sync them to your Drip account with additional personal details like timezone, gender, name and language preferences.

1.Go to your Recart Dashboard and open the Integrations page. Click on the Activate button below the Drip logo.

2. You will be redirected to the Drip connection page where you will be asked to authorize Recart to access your Drip account.

3. After clicking Authorize, you will be taken back to the Recart Integrations page, where you can confirm that Recart is now connected to Drip.

Key Features

  • Add Facebook Messenger subscribers as leads in Drip
  • Enrich customer data automatically with gender, name, timezone and language preferences
  • Capture and sync email email addresses and phone numbers
Connect with Drip

See how Drip makes more happen with Recart.

Drip and Recart Integration Screenshot
Drip and Recart Integration Screenshot
Drip and Recart Integration Screenshot