Your website can be just as personalized as your emails by connecting your Drip account with RightMessage.

Simply add our tracking code to your website, and you'll immediately be able to change headlines, copy, testimonials, images, call-to-actions and more based on who somebody is, how they're behaving, and the relationship you have with them.

Our visual editor makes it easy to change anything without needing to hire a coder. And our Smart Segmentation engine will sync information up to Drip, like the type of website that referred them, the ad they clicked on, what kind of content they're consuming, and more.

Key Features

  • Works on any website. Just include our tracking script in your template or Google Tag Manager.
  • Point-and-click on anything on your website – a headline, some text, an image, or a CTA – and change its content, appearance, or placement.
  • Realtime integration with your Drip account. Tie content changes to tag, custom field, purchase history, and any other data you have about someone.
  • Our behavioral engine looks at what someone is doing, where they came from, and what content they're engaged with and syncs this data up to Drip so you can better segment your emails.
  • Reporting that shows you exactly what effect personalization is having on your conversions, and how your segments convert relative to each other.
Connect with Drip

See how Drip makes more happen with RightMessage.

Drip and RightMessage Integration Screenshot
Drip and RightMessage Integration Screenshot
Drip and RightMessage Integration Screenshot