Shopper Activity API

Have a home-grown Ecommerce store and want to connect with Drip? We’ve got you covered! Drip has a full-featured API that many of our popular, large Ecommerce integrations are built upon.

The API has three methods for reporting on Shopper Activity:

1. Order Activity: enables you to report revenue from your store to Drip which allows you to see the revenue driven by every customer, campaign, workflow and broadcast.
2. Cart Activity: When a cart is created or updated, an event is appended to the shopper in Drip.
3. Product Activity: Allows you to connect your customers to the products they love. When Drip has your product data, you can leverage photos and prices with your customers.

Key Features

  • Cart, order, and product triggers and events to use for broadcast, workflows, campaigns.
  • Revenue attribution to actions taken in Drip.
  • Segmentation on order, cart and product activity.
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