Sleeknote is a leading provider of forms and on-site engagement tools that has been used by thousands of ecommerce brands across the globe. Sleeknote’s high-performing pop-ups and on-site conversion tools help create deeper relationships with your customers - turning drive-by traffic into more revenue.

Together, Drip and Sleeknote help ecommerce brands drive more revenue through better targeting, no matter where they choose to engage with your brand - onsite, through email, or via SMS.

With Sleeknote you can:

  • Personalize the shopping experience. Show perfectly personalized on-site messages to each visitor - with more relevant product recommendations, guides, and announcements.
  • Grow your audience. Turn your website traffic into email and SMS subscribers with non-intrusive popups, slide-ins, and forms.
  • Get deeper insights on your customers. Run surveys and collect feedback that powers your marketing strategy.

Key Features

  • Email opt-in - easily collect email addresses through a Sleeknote form and pass that data to power email sends in Drip
  • Automation triggers - trigger a workflow or automation in Drip from any form submission in Sleeknote
  • Segmentation - create powerful segments in Drip using zero-party data from Sleeknote pop-ups - like someone's product preference or favorite color
Connect with Drip

Turn drive-by traffic into revenue with Drip and Sleeknote.

Drip and Sleeknote Integration Screenshot
Drip and Sleeknote Integration Screenshot
Drip and Sleeknote Integration Screenshot