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How do your customers want to be contacted?

SPLICE’s Rapid Opt-in Capture & Consent (ROCC) Program can help you figure that out. Whether it is through phone, text messages, or emails, SPLICE can provide you with the tools to help you communicate with your customers through their preferred communication channel.

Our ROCC Program is an easy-to-use opt-in management software that allows you to quickly add your customers’ information and preferences to your database at any point in the customer journey. As a leader in customer experience automation, we are here to help you communicate with your customers the way they want you too. SPLICE provides you with the tools to give your customers the best multi-channel experience. With a focus on creating a safe, fun, and easy experience, our software not only allows you to gather customer data, but it also collects and tracks your customers’ records of permissions and preferences.

Integration Instructions:

1. Activate your Drip account in SPLICE under Integrations. Register your auth token with Drip.

2. Set up automation in Drip! Create a trigger in workflows or in rules and choose SPLICE, then select the specific event you would like to trigger an action in Drip. Don't see the one you're looking for? Reach out to your SPLICE account manager or clientsuccess@splicesoftware.com "

Key Features

  • Capture channel permission & preferences to boost communication engagement rates
  • Manage & update customer consent in real-time to ensure you are communicating with customers in the channel they choose
  • Provide a legally defensible way to prove consent with SPLICE’s double opt-in process"
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