Wicked Reports

With the Wicked Reports Drip integration, you’ll be able to accurately attribute the exact number of sales and amount of revenue each of your one-off or automated email campaigns generates. With

With Wicked Reports' patent-pending People-Based Tracking, you’re able to track each of your Drip contacts throughout the customer journey. From the first time they land on your site, each Facebook Ad or Adwords ad they respond to, and every email they click on, so you’ll know what motivated their purchase decision and each repeat purchase after that.

You’ll finally be able to see how each aspect of your marketing and advertising works together to create customers. With this understanding, you can invest your time and budget into what’s working (and away from what isn’t) to maximize your ROI and accelerate your growth.

Key Features

  • Attribute revenue data from your ecommerce orders to your contact’s email campaign clicks so you can see the exact amount of revenue generated by each campaign over time — even if the order is placed months from now.
  • Facebook and Adwords will take credit for sales that are driven by your email marketing. Understand how your email marketing is really performing by untangling it from your ad spend performance.
  • See which automated campaigns are performing well, and which are underperforming, so you can optimize your marketing automation follow up.
  • Understand where in the customer journey your email campaigns are most effective. Should you be sending a particular campaign early in your relationship with a lead or a few weeks later? Do customers who receive a particular campaign have a higher lifetime value?
  • Get clear, actionable answers to your questions about your Drip campaign’s performance with Wicked Smartz. Get simple language answers to questions like: Which emails generated the most sales? Which emails generated the most revenue? Which of my retargeting ads re-engaged my existing contacts and motivated them to make a purchase?
Connect with Drip

Connect Drip and WickedReports together.

Drip and Wicked Reports Integration Screenshot
Drip and Wicked Reports Integration Screenshot
Drip and Wicked Reports Integration Screenshot
Drip and Wicked Reports Integration Screenshot