With Zapier, you can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Zapier workflows ("Zaps") watch one app (the Trigger) for events that happen — like a new person added to your list, or a new tag applies. Whenever that happens, that information is used to perform any number of Actions across other apps you use.

The best part? It all happens automatically and in the background, so you can ditch manual entry and focus on work that matters. Collect new leads into Drip whenever they respond to a form you use, collect new leads from rows added to a spreadsheet, receive chat or text notifications when new tags are added, and more. You can set up automated workflows yourself on Zapier.

Key Features

  • Set up automatic workflows and eliminate data entry with no code required
  • Collect leads into Drip from any app you use, tag them when something changes in your pipeline, or trigger events automatically
  • Send info from Drip to other apps, like new people on your list, new email opens, new page visits
  • Use any number of Actions after your Trigger event to create complex automations that can save hours and handle entire pipelines
  • Use Zapier's native tools like Schedule, Formatter, Delay, or Filter to edit your information, extract details, schedule and pause workflows for super-charged automation
Connect with Drip

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Drip and Zapier Integration Screenshot
Drip and Zapier Integration Screenshot
Drip and Zapier Integration Screenshot