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  • 1-500 email contacts
  • Unlimited email sends
  • 1-1500 SMS contacts
  • Up to 3,499 SMS sends
  • Email support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Get access to powerful features to grow your business:

Market across multiple channels - email, SMS, social, and onsite pop ups

Pre-built playbooks - like welcome series and abandoned cart

Deep behavior based customer segmentation and personalization

One click integrations - with your store and other marketing tools

In-app insights and guidance - to get you started and keep you growing

Smart A/B email testing

Trusted by 6,000+ brands

Join our growing community of brands that have used Drip to generate more than $1.5 billion in attributed revenue.

"This is the most impressive email marketing tool I have used. "

“And I have used them all. The segmentation powers are wonderful, the email builder is elegant and easy and most importantly, it is powerful.”

"I love how simple and easy it is to integrate with ecommerce platforms."

“The integrations make it really easy to see how each email performed from a financial perspective, so I can replicate the types of emails that generate the most revenue.”

"Drip is both easy to use and really powerful. There's nothing that you can't do with it!"

“You can connect multiple services just like Shopify and set up pretty much anything you want to retarget your customers and send them emails. Greatest service ever! ”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trial really free?

Yes. Drip doesn’t require your credit card info in order to start a trial. You won’t be charged until you upgrade by providing your payment information.

Do you restrict features while on the free trial?

SMS and unlimited emails are not available during your free trial. Other than that, you have free rein to use all of Drip’s features. Here are a few we think you’ll like:

  • Automated workflows based on customer activity
  • 90+ integrations (including to Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce)
  • Email templates and visual builder
What happens when my free trial expires?

After 14 days you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid plan and enter your credit card information.

Do I need to have an ecommerce store to use Drip?

No. It’s not a requirement to have an ecommerce store to use Drip, however, we are built specifically for ecommerce and you will get the most out of our platform and features if you’re an online store.

How does pricing work?

Your email cost is based on the number of active people in your account and the volume of emails you send during your billing cycle. Your SMS pricing is based on the number of SMS people in your account and the volume of SMS message segments you send during your billing cycle.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Cancel your subscription anytime in your Billing Settings.

Can I upgrade before my trial is over?

You sure can! Upgrade at any time under Settings > Billing. After you enter your CC info you will have access to unlimited email sends and SMS.

What is the setup process like?

We've made the setup as painless as possible. It's a simple three-step process: connect your ecommerce shop to Drip, import your list, and activate your campaign or workflow. Then it's off to the races.

Can I integrate with other apps during my free trial?

Of course — in fact, we encourage it! Connect your order management system / ecommerce store to Drip during your free trial period so you can take full advantage of our features: revenue dashboards, ecommerce automations, dynamic content blocks, and more.

When will I get charged for my trial?

Because we don’t ask for your credit card info in order to take a trial, your card won’t get charged unless you choose to upgrade your account. However, if you don’t upgrade your account and your trial expires, then your account will become inactive and any active forms and campaigns will be paused until you upgrade. You can upgrade by going into the “Billing” section under “Settings” at any time.

I just want to see how Drip works.

Absolutely. Sign up for a free trial to see Drip in action.

What type of support is offered?

All paying Drip customers have access to email support from 9 am to 5 pm US Central Time, Monday through Friday. Drip customers on the $99/mo + plans have access to live chat support from 9 am to 5 pm US Central Time, Monday through Friday.

How are SMS messages counted against my tier?

A 160 character text-only message counts as one message segment. An MMS counts as three message segments. Learn more.

I have SMS service elsewhere. I want to switch to Drip. What do I do?

If you want to transfer your existing SMS service to Drip, contact our experts. We can help!

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