Drip unlocks loyalty with your WooCommerce data.

WooCommerce opened up a new world when it comes to selling your digital and physical goods online. Let Drip open up new ways to build customer loyalty so you can keep on selling for years to come. When your WooCommerce store and Drip get together, your customer data can finally be turned into one-of-a-kind customer experiences that build brand loyalty and grow your sales.

An illustration of a graph and report within Drip showing a breakdown of which customers drove the most revenue within Drip.

Get to know your customers.

WooCommerce is the world’s most customizable ecommerce platform, which means the pool of customer data you can wade through is basically endless. Drip distills all that data and shows you how loyal your customers are and how that loyalty impacts your bottom line.

See who’s just started shopping with you, who’s made a purchase, and who’s already made the hard-to-earn second purchase. By tracking how your customers go from first-timer to lifer, you gain a deeper understanding of how your most valuable customers shop with you. See which experiences resonate, then make more of ‘em with Drip.

Understand your customers
An illustration of a recommendation appearing within Drip offering a workflow that could improve revenue.

Get help guiding customers toward loyalty.

Once you have a clearer understanding of your customers and how they’re shopping with you, we offer up proven recommendations that drive long-term loyalty at any stage. From Cart Abandonment Campaigns to Welcome Workflows, always know your next strategic move.

Using Drip means WooCommerce stores can finally connect all their customer data to their marketing channels. This makes creating multichannel campaigns that automatically adapt and react to your customers’ actions fast and scalable. Don’t get stuck guessing what the next best step is—we’ll help you know what will have the most impact with your audience.

Build better experiences
An illustration showing what a revenue reporting dashboard looks like within Drip.

Understand your ROI in just a glance.

With a clean and clear dashboard in your account, always understand how your work in Drip is paying off. Get an eyeful of your revenue performance, top marketing strategies, and more, so you can see which strategies to rework or optimize.

Your Drip Account Dashboard will save you time and guesswork. With your most important KPIs front and center, you’ll know how your tactics built with Drip are paying off. Never be left to piece together your most important metrics on your own.

Start analyzing

People love Drip.

“I was able to get valuable automated flows running in a few days that have consistently driven sales for me.”

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